Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Style Sins EVERY Student must avoid!

Students Tips on how to prevent being a style sinner....

Now Summertime is nearly over, university dawns upon us for another year of endless papers, messy notes, and sleepless nights!

But the first question on every female student's mind?
 What should I wear?
How should I look at Freshers Week? The AU Ball? Lectures? Lessons?!

Unfortunately I am not a style guru, HOWEVER being a student myself who has experienced the same dilemmas I will forewearn you of some of the key fashion laws you must abide by to prevent any style sins! SO! I will provide a fashion commandment on a weekly basis; a little rule to prevent a magnitude of style sins to sweep across the streets!

Style Sin Number 1 ladies :Thou shall not look deliberately scruffy and unkempt! 

Although  fashion trends are becoming more wild and abstract , I am utterly perplexed by the new fashion trend hitting the uni scene like the plague: the 'Scruffy Student' look. Meeting to the expectations of its name, students would deliberately step out onto the streets with a jumbled  assortment of  of clothing to appear fashionably edge, but instead would look like a jumble Sale found in Camden Market. Being a student myself, I can understand why students may become less conscientious on the way they project themselves at university, being lumbered with colossal amounts of work, and never-ending readings to do. But does this really excuse a lack of passion for fashion?

Passion? Yes. Fashion? Kinda. Style? HELL NO! 

Fashion can be brought, but style is free. Its a unique feature manifesting inside all of us, a by-product of our personality and interests. It is once you find this inate fashion eye inside you that you will discover your inner Jode Look! Despite the tight budget and even tighter work deadlines we face, it is never excusable to step onto the streets looking like Courtney Loves double act. 

This is not a moment to be preaching Drake's "YOLO" excuses ladies. 

University is the perfect opportunity for you to explore life and find yourself, both in a philosophical and fashionable sense. But looking like unkempt (and well...dirty!) has never written in anyone's destiny, and it never will be.

I'm a firm supporter and believer in expressing your individuality, and being comfortable with your look, but there is always an exception to the rule, and this is definitely one of those special exceptions. Yes, comfort is a vital factor when constructing an outfit for the day, but that doesn't suddenly make it excusable for you to look like a Jeremy Kyle cast-off in public. A long day of studying and lectures on a Monday Morning may feel like you've done ten rounds with Mike Tyson, but it doesn't mean everyone else has to know - or in this case see for their very eyes - your personal perils. 

The general message: being a 'Scruff' will not benefit you in anyway! So save those creased up tees and trackies for indoors, and more importantly save yourself from being a fashion offendee! Replace these garments with simple,yet versatile fashion pieces, that can be adapted and be worn in a multiple of ways.  Here are some of the key pieces you can adapt and wear numerous times that both tick the comfort and stylish boxes. Talk about two for one! Now that's a bargain a girl can't resist!

-The Simple White Tee; a fail-safe garment, you can never go wrong, whatever the season!

-A good pair of jeans; note the word "good" - you need a pair that fit good accordingly to your personal body shape! Shake what yo' mama gave you and invest in a simple tailored pair of jeans; I guarantee it will remain a key piece in your wardrobe for years.
-Leather Jacket; your trustee friend, whatever the weather!
-Leather look leggings: an upgrade from the legging sensation that will immediately update your outfit!
-A simple LBD; can be worn both day and night, with the right accessories!

Being a student doesn't make it acceptable to dismiss the fundamentals of fashion!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

LOVE IT OR HATE IT: Bringing Bunches Back?

From the catwalk to fashion-forward celebrities, there has been a resurgence of double buns parading around Showbiz Land, which is ironically baffling some people. The fashion scene has brought back anything and everything 90's from crop tops and harem pants, to dungarees so it does not surprise me in the slightest they're bringing bunches back too!

BUT!.....Is the fashion scene bringing "sexy back" with the latest beauty throwback? Or should we bin the buns before havoc creates?!

Not for the faint-hearted, a look rocked by the fliest fashionistas in town!
I do love me a good ole' throwback, but the hair buns are just like Marmite; you either love'em or hate'em. Despite it being nostalgically remembered for it being worn on the heads of little girls in the school playground who dreams to become a Disney Princess, for us women the buns can only be championed by the bold, confident fashionistas. Think edgy, think cool. On paper this hair'do seems harmless, but in reality it is literally a fashion statement in itself, that can make or break YOUR personal look. YOUR Jode Look. 

I know I am not the edgiest girl around, but I love experimenting with looks, and finding my own true Jode Look. Like my Mum says, you won't know until you've tried it! I'm judging these beauty throwback based on 3 categories:  METHOD (was it a look easy to recreate?), WEARABILITY (is it versatile or one dimensional?) , and DURABILITY (is it long-lasting?). 

METHOD: 7/10 . It was easy to do; divide your hair PRECISELY into a middle parting from the front to the back of the head. (I'm stressing the word precise: you don't want to strut your stuff down he streets with a wonky hair do!) I personally needed a second opinion to ensure that the middle parting was exact. Then you section the hair into two hair buns that are equally positioned and equal in size. Fortunately for myself, the second step was easier; I initially tried and tested which angle would suit my oval face most, and when found, it was much easier that I thought to ensure the buns were equal in dimension and size..but I do think my symmetric face did help me big time with this step! 

WEARABILITY: 5/10. It is Marmite; you either love it or hate it! Some of my friends thought I was a Minnie Mouse lookalike, whilst others found it a cool fashion statement. So mixed reactions. To say it has the versatility factor however, depends on your personal look. I personally think it is; it can revolutionize a simple tee and jeans outfit into a cool fashion statement. I even rocked this look with a maxi dress in this instance (find outfit details below!) But, for evening occasions its a no-go for me! There's a time and a place for this do, I wish someone informed Miley on the memo!

DURABILITY: 9/10. Hair spray goes a hell of a long way! From windy days, to muggy days (which I experienced when I rocked this look), it's a secure hair'do for sure!

Maxi Dress: ASDA George
Bag: some random Oxford St store!
Shoes: Converses

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Fake Nails- the tips NOBODY tells you!

What you need to think of BEFORE performing some nail art beautification!

For me to find my true Jode Look, it doesn't just stop with my outfit, hair and ability to apply make-up. I mean the whole entire shaboom, and in this shaboom, nails are included. Like a necklace, or a pair of studs, your nails acts as an accessory, that can frankly make you break your entire look in my personal opinion. Your hands are your key tools that enable to pursue life, whether it'd be cooking, or texting your friends. Therefore, it is only rational for me to conclude in this sense that your the way your nails look is incredibly important, they're a vocal point in your life whether you bloody like it or not!

Now, this blog post could be a long, daunting tutorial on the basic foundations on how to achieve strong, healthy nails. But, as superficial as it sounds, this blog is about finding my Jode Look, and mother dearest taught me ages ago the 411 on this, most probably like every other parent! (Quick review to all clueless nail inhabitants: file regularly, and don't bite them- they're not digestive biscuits they're nails!)

SO! Instead I would like to dedicate this post on something different about nails, something I've hardly ever seen any beauty or fashion magazine discuss: the key questions you need to think about before beautifying your nails. Continously in magazines, I see the nails of the famous, that represents their personal look:  quirky, original, eccentric acrylic nails, to the latest 'it' nails varying from sharp Lady Gaga claws, to dogtooth patterned fingers. Mesmerising to look at, in fact often humourous!

But remember: these nails embody CELEBRITIES looks, not the non-famous, normal 9 to 5 working woman look. And certainly not the Jode Look.
Blasphemy embroidered on your nails- Kylie Jenner

Want nails gaga like Gaga? Impractical? CHECK. Potential weapon? CHECK.

I am not proposing an intervention of any kind upon these cryptic nail embroidery being plastered other our magazines, all I'm suggesting is that we accomodate this trend to our own look. If you would like follow these nail trends to the very inch, I will not debate against it, however I would put my money on it  that it would act as an obstacle in your life subconsciously or not.

So,the next time I venture to the land of nail art (probably this week knowing me!), I have decided to approach it differently by following this procedure, with the magazine in one hand, and my purse and sanity in the other;

    1. Make a list of what nail trends I like the most for ME.
  • Eliminate allnail trends that cannot be accomodated to suit MY lifestyle. (E.g. will the design/colour be offensive in a working environment, will it limit my practicality?)
  • Choose a colour that is versatile for ALL occasions. Not just for a night out!
  • Beautify those nails!

So come'on Ladies- nail files, AND notebooks at the ready! Lets 'nail' it!

Bad Hair Days; the demon faced by all women!

Isn't it crazy how a bad hair day can get to you?

Like any other normal girl, my hair is one of my prized possessions. Not only because it acts as a security blanket kind of way, but because it gives people a glimpse of my character, without me having to convey it through words; big, bold, and full of life! Like many thousands of women in this world, I'm totally unpredictable when it comes to social situations, being either shy and timid, or oozing with confidence and lots of banter, (especially after the odd tipple or two!) But usually, when I let my curls out to play, and are in full va-va-voom motion I feel the latter, and my self-insecurities frazzles instantly, all simply because my hair looks decent.  When I was peering through pictures of me this Summer, I instantly recollect how may hair looked that day, and how I felt that day. Then it daunted on me, a full on smack-on-the-face revelation: MY HAIR DAYS AFFECT MY EMOTIONS CONSIDERABLY!

Isn't it just crazy how the outer affects the inner?

In a world where looks do matter, some people may be screaming at the screen thinking err.....duhhhhhh Jode! But to me personally, I find it bloody mind-boggling to say the least, and upsetting too. Truly think about it; the ability for me to portray the fun, sassy Jode that I want to is virtually controlled by how tidy my hair looks. If I'm having a girls night out, and my hair is looking like an uncontrollable bush, I won't be able to enjoy my night to the fullest, as I feel so insecure in front of so many people!

My bloody fro' is literally determining my happiness, and personality! HOW BONKERS IS THAT!

What's even more bonkers is when I discussed about it to my friends they totally empathised with me. In fact, I've never seen them empathise with me so much! Its crazy to think how some strands on the top of my big head plays such a pivotal position in my self-confudence, my social skills, my general social life! This week, my hair was literally bipolar, with me rocking some beautiful curls on Monday, to looking like a victim of a mass electrocution last night! And unfortunately, my moods seemed to work in unision with the conditions of my hair, unknowingly so. 

I need to brush this off, before it leaves me in a big tangle (excuse the pun!). Its time for an intervention against my hair demons once and for all. How can I expect to find out who the true Jode is if I let my bad hair day affect my emotions. 
How can any of us?

Black Tee, Red Lip kinda day..

Top - Primark
Jeans - Littlewoods
Boots - Debenhams
Jacket - Primark
Necklace  and Rings - Primark

Spending my entire childhood in Essex, the fashion terminology was "More is MORE". Everything from Oompa Loompa faces, vagazzles, over-accessorising to the point you look like a walking Christmas Tree.... I've seen it all!
So who can blame my outfit for today for a spot of lunch with my girl. I find it that the best things in life are simple, and how can you go wrong with some ripped jeans, a baggy tee with a leather jacket thrown over the top of it! Comfort at its finest!

I am not one to pile my face with make-up, frankly its too time-consuming and secondly I'm utterly clueless when it comes to all things make-up! Instead I like to be simple with make-up, keeping my face glowing with some replenishing moisturiser, and wearing only some mascara and lippie. Today I went dramatic, and opted for some red lippy. Red lipstick is the easiest way to make a statement; who said jewellery has the only accessory!

To finish it all off, I swept my hair up into a high bun, AKA 'the lazy up'do'. Its literally my saviour from the British weather; its the easiest way to keep the hair off your face, whilst being comforted with the thought that you're not rocking a bad hair day! Result!

Red lipstick and high knot buns are an easy, classic combination, suitable for both day and night that will NEVER go out of trend unlike some beauty looks I can mention!

During university, its fo'sure a red lippy, high bun kinda day errr'day!


Taking beauty to a whole new level

Exploring the whole of make-up for the very first time...

"Hi. My name is Jode and I am about to break my make-up virginity"- said no one EVER!
I am one of the only girls of my age that  know of in London who doesn't wear any face makeup unless I am psychologically forced to by the gravity and significance of the event that I am about to attend to. And even then in those rare occasions my Mum - whose practically as blind as a bat - has to do it! To find the Jode Look, I need to advance myself, with both my inner AND outer beauty.  

Hence, I am taking beauty to a whole new level literally; for me its not just a superficial task, but a psychological journey, as I truly believe in the concept of feeling beautiful in both the inside AND out. Its like bread and butter: you need both in your life! This will be a particularly hard journey personally for myself; like the normal teenager I was incredibly insecure, but now entering the land of adulthood I still continue to feel so, perhaps even more so. So, before my personal self insecurities take the better of me, I need to control them myself, with some Beauty TLC 101

Welcome to The Jode Look!

The intentions of this blog is as simple as the title itself; its me, Jode, sporting any look I like, and letting the whole Blogsphere see it! 

I am not a self-proclaimed fashionista, or Beauty Queen, but what I am is a girl that's going through the transition of becoming into a woman, a transition that affects us all, especially our look! Whether its our makeup, hair, or fashion, we experiment with a bit of this, and a dab of that to find their inner look; for me the ultimate Jode Look. And trust me folks, for me that is a lot of experimentation! 

I'm a biracial girl, rocking fros and curls, who lives in London, the capital where you can rock any look, and not get arrested for indecency! To me, its THE setting for me to find both my inner and outer voice, and perfect the Jode Look once and for all! Dynamic and fresh, everytime I step onto Oxford Street, or ponder round a shopping centre, I get inspired by someone's look, awed by their confidence, or simply left wondering how many squats she must have done to get her bum so pert! But most importantly, I am intruiged; intruiged by their look, where its sourced, especially in London where you can find the most intricate jewels, and funky shoes in the most random of places! 

And I'm intruiged which London Spots will help me discover the Jode Look once and for all....

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